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About KSLR Photography...

KSLR Photography is a partnership of two photographers, Leah Ramuglia and Keith Sheridan. Leah and Keith consider themselves opposites – from their camera choices (Nikon vs Canon) to their food choices (vegetarian vs omnivore) to their computer choices (Mac vs PC). But they do have one thing in common – a passion for photography.         



Leah has explored fifteen countries and eighteen U.S. states.  An avid traveler, she always tries to fit into the local culture and experience it.  Despite being a vegetarian, she’s eaten everything from rats to tarantulas to adapt the local customs.  Her education in biology provides a unique perspective of the animals and landscapes she encounters, but her favorite part of traveling is the people she interacts with.  Everyone has a story, whether they are a local or a traveler like herself.









Devoted husband and proud father of two beautiful daughters, Keith knows enough to act like a kid once in a while. Always on the lookout for the next great lunch spot, he loves to share his foodie finds with friends. A self-proclaimed statistics junky, once any Boston sports team makes an acquisition, he promptly pours over the player’s stat lines to project the success of the signing. In his previous life of not being a father, travel specifically to scuba dive was a top priority. Keith has logged over 75 dives throughout the Caribbean and pines for the day his daughters are old enough to join him on the next dive.